Pia's Chicken Salad


Pia's Chicken Salad

Pia's Chicken Salad was created by process of elimination. In an effort to please the wide array of pallets of the guests of our family owned business, we quickly learned that for every person that likes nuts, grapes, celery, relish, eggs, and the list goes on and on,  there are three that do not. So one by one, we eliminated all of the "fillers" that folks add to make chicken salad interesting. All that remains in a blend of all white meal chicken, mayonnaise and a special blend of spices, producing a product that pleases most everyone. It has become the most requested item on the menu. Everyone loves what has become known as ' Pia's Chicken Salad'. 

Pretty soon friends and neighbors were asking for Pia's Chicken Salad to serve to their families, at their parties and special events. The more people taste it, the more people want it!

And now, we invite you to try what others proclaim to be the best chicken salad they have ever tasted.

Pia's Chicken Salad ... Simple and delicious.